Vision Care Opticians runs a fully-fledged Appasamy Eye Hospital on Independence Avenue, Lusaka. The hospital offers all types of eye surgeries such as cataract surgery (phaco + Intraocularlens), complete vitreo retinal surgery, pterygium excision, trabeculectomy for glaucoma, corneal transplantation, YAG Laser etc; investigations such as A-Scan/B-Scan ultrasound, visual field analysis, refraction examination, and applanation tonometry to check intraocular pressure etc.

Vision Care provides emergency eye care clinic facilitated within the Appasamy Eye Hospital.

  • Eye surgery: cataract, glaucoma, squint, corneal, vitreous and retina;
  • Laser treatments offered: YAG Laser and Green Diode Laser;
  • Comprehensive eye examinations.

The clinic manages to conduct approximately 70-80 patient examinations per day in its out-patient department and 10-15 surgeries per day in its in-patient department. From experience, the number of patients requiring medical attention is approx. 20%, those requiring cataract surgery is about 40%, while those requiring corrective eyeglasses are about 60%.

Vision Care Appasamy Eye Hospital Services

  • Eye surgeries including dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR), corneal tear and lid tear repair
  • Pterygium excision, trabeculectomy for glaucoma, and corneal transplantation
  • Cataract surgery, Vitreo retinal surgery
  • Testing for glaucoma
  • Visual field analysis
  • Lasers treatments – YAG Laser and Green Diode Laser
  • Testing for color blindness
  • Comprehensive computerised eye examinations
  • Complete eye examination i.e. Gonioscopy
  • Investigation using A-Scan/B-Scan ultrasound
  • Keratometry and Bi-microscopic
  • Examinations for contact lens fittings
  • Gas permeable contact lens trial fittings for Keratoconus patients

Independence Avenue, Lusaka


+260 211 233 601, +260 955 233 601