The choice of sunglasses is a peculiar one in that we ought to know the difference of polarized vs normal sunglasses. In order to see the true beauty of indoor and outdoor, and eliminate the glare in totality, try out the polarized sunglasses at any of our stores. You surely will realize what you have been missing. Only polarized sunglasses reduce the glare and improve your vision; you can see your best in the brightest of the light conditions.

Protect your sight:

We all love spending time in the sun. It is important to protect our eyes against the sun’s damaging UV-A/UV-B rays, which overtime can cause cataracts, mascular degenerations and skin cancer. Children who spend a lot of time outdoors are especially vulnerable. Wearing polarized sun lenses year-round will provide 100% protection from these sunrays which can damage your sight.

Branded Sunglasses:

We stock all the major brands of sunglasses ranging from Ray Ban, Gucci, D&G, Oakley to name a few.