Vision Care Opticians has a state of the art optical laboratory. The lab is first of its kind in the country, manufacturing ophthalmic lenses and supplying these products to other optical centres in Zambia. The lab makes deliberate efforts to keep down the cost of its spectacles with its onsite production of lenses for eye glasses.

  • Professional dispensing and impartial advice
  • Sophisticated and high precision equipment
  • Dedicated Ophthalmic spectacles manufacturing unit

Eye Tech Lab as a leading optical lab, is committed to supporting your eye care practice in ways that exceed your expectations for service performance and quality. With an in house coating and surfacing center, Vision Care Opticians offers quick services and ensure premium quality on the best-selling lens treatments.

Vision Care Opticians provides prescription lenses with hard coating to ensure the quality of every lens is exceptional. The lab uses accurate prescription from your eye exam, including the measurements that account for your face shape as well as the type of lens you need.

It has a modern, state of the art optical laboratory. The lab’s sophisticated and high precision equipment includes:

  • Automatic glazing machines
  • Lens meters
  • Auto pattern maker
  • Layout blocker
  • Tinting unit
  • Lens grooving machine
  • Lens polishing machine

The lab technicians at Eye Tech lab glaze the lenses using a modern automatic lens edging machine. Lenses can also be tinted to the client’s choice of colour.

Plastic lenses are polished with the latest bluffing machine after glazing to prevent sharp edged lenses from piercing the client’s skin. Spectacles can be made within 20–30 minutes depending on the type of prescription and the lens.

64, Cha Cha Cha Rd, Opposite Kariba House, Lusaka


+260 962 909 629, +260 979 799 149