1. Precision Eye Test (PET)

The PET is the culmination of our rich expertise and experience in helping you care for your eyes better.

2. Full history & Symptoms

Since many eye problems are closely related to physical health and hereditary factors,the experts/Optometrists at Vision Care Centre study the complete history of your general health conditions as well as certain chronic diseases suffered by your family before diagnosing a condition.

3. Visual activity & Vision assessment

This test is aimed at measuring your vision with or without spectacles with a letter chart called Snellens chart. The prescription in existing spectacle lenses could be found out using an instrument called foci-meter.

4. Prescription Assessment-Refraction

Objective tests (Where the practitioner observes the results) and subjective tests (where you pronounce what you see) help determine whether you are long-sighted, shortsighted, astigmatic, presbyopic or have a normal vision.

Our Practitioner will explain to you the results of the precision eye test, record of the prescription and special instructions if any will be offered to you. The practitioner would also recommend when you need to return for your next appointment.

5. Computer Vision Syndrome

Vision is one of the most wonderful gifts of life. Yet, how often we subject our price less sense of sight to threats of pollution and excessive strain. As we sit glued to our computers and television screens, we often disregard the stress our eyes may be going through. Mostly, we ignore the onset of an evolving vision problem called ‘Computer Vision Syndrome’.

6.Testing for Computer vision Syndrome

After complete analysis of the history of an individual, depending on the amount of glare the eyes are exposed to, the amount of rest after each computer session, the placement of screens and the angle of the screens from the sitting place, the optometrists at Vision Care Center assess if one is diagnosed with Computer Vision Syndrome.

7.Know about the prescription

We at Vision Care Center recognize the fact that no two pair of eyes is the same and so are the prescriptions. Experts at Vision Care Centre customized according to the visual and occupational demands of our esteemed customers recommend each of our prescriptions on your prescription.

8.On your prescription, our Optometrists will list the vision correction necessary for your right and left eyes.
  • If there is a plus (‘+’) sign before your prescription, you are farsighted and have trouble seeing things closer
  • If there is a minus (‘-‘) sign before your prescription, you are near sighted and have trouble seeing distant objects
  • The higher the figure after the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ sign, the greater the vision correction you need.

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