Vision Care Centre Laboratory
At Vision Care Centre we have a very modern and state of art Optical Laboratory

Our sophisticated and high precision equipment includes:
1. Automatic Glazing Machines.
2. Lenso Meters
3. Auto pattern maker.
4. Layout blocker.
5. Tinting Unit.
6. Lens Grooving Machine.
7. Lens Polishing Machine and many more.
The lab-technicians at Vision Care Centre glaze the lenses using modern automatic lens edging machine.
We can tint the lenses as per the client’s choice of color for the lenses on plastic lenses, after glazing the lenses we polish the lens edges using latest buffing machine for better finish and harmless wear, sharp edged lens might pierce into the patients skin, keeping this in mind we glaze the edges finely for safety concern.
We can make the spectacles in 20 to 30 minutes depending on the prescription and type of the lens.