Appasamy Eye Hospital

Poor eyesight that is left untreated can cause blindness, forcing adults into unemployment. Vision Care Opticians has established a vertically integrated operation that includes its appasamy eye hospital, complete with digital eye examinations and surgeries, an optical dispensing unit and a complete ophthalmic spectacles manufacturing unit.

Vision Care Opticians conducts a number of eye camps and monthly eye clinics. Vision Care manages to conduct 10 to 30 surgeries per day in its out-patient department. From experience, the number of patients requiring medical attention is 20%, those requiring cataract surgery is 40%, whereas those requiring corrective eyeglasses are about 60%.

  • Comprehensive computerised eye examinations
  • Complete eye examination i.e. Goniscopy
  • Investigation using B-Scan Ultrasound
  • Visual field analysis
  • All types of eye surgeries including dacrocystorhinstomy, corneal tear and lid tear repair, and cryopexy
  • Testing for glaucoma
  • Lasers treatments – YAG Laser and Green Diode Laser
  • Testing for color blindness
  • Keratometric and Bi-microscopic
  • Examinations for contact lens fittings
  • Gas permeable contact lens trial fittings for Kerato-conus patients