About Us

Vision Care Opticians and its sister company Vision Care Appasamy Eye Hospital through its community work over the past Seven years has a higher estimate: More than 3 million people are needy, but do not get vision correction. Vision Care Opticians has over the years developed a simple and cost effective technology and capacity to solve this problem by expanding operation through opening yet another start of the art Vision Labs Zambia Limited .First in its kind in Zambia by manufacturing ophthalmic lenses and supplying to other optical centre’s in Zambia even making the cost of acquiring spectacles much easy to the community as well as undertaking free eye screening on site production of lenses for eyeglasses, as well as, a specialized integrated eye hospital, where all cases needing specialist attention such as cataracts, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinal pathy, general ophthalmic cases are been referred to our Eye Hospital within the main branch. Despite the availability of this technology and facility in Zambia, the problem persists on a vast scale. For the poor, eyeglasses often are either inaccessible or unaffordable, forcing hundreds of people in resource poor peri – urban and rural areas to live below their full potential. We developed a mechanism were we have partner with other sectors where we undertake community free eye screening such as Churches, Schools, corporate companies , Doctors outreach . 

Vision Care Optician, has since established a vertically integrated operation that includes a full – fledged eye hospital complete with digital eye examinations and surgeries; an Optical Dispensing unit; and a dedicated and complete Ophthalmic Spectacles Manufacturing unit. We have continued to conducted many eye camps and has been holding monthly eye clinics regularly. Our experience shows that in eye camps and regular clinics, the number of patients requiring medical attention is 20%, those requiring cataract surgery is 40%, whereas those requiring corrective eyeglasses are about 60%. Poor eyesight that is left untreated can cause blindness or force adults into unemployment; we have managed to attain a volume of 80 to 120 in out-patient department (OPD) patients on site and do operate surgeries 10 to 30 patients in a day.


The objectives of our Institution are as follows:

  • We created and strengthen the capacity with Corporate Companies and Schools to ensure proper vision of the targeted people are met.
  • We have created a sustainable private and public sector initiative that will create mechanisms for diagnosis, care and treatment for resource poor areas and people.
  • We have increase the awareness of appropriate vision and proper eye care through media, outreach intervention.
  • We have tried to reduce the rate of avoidable blindness among the target group within our Community.

Our primary aim is to create an enabling environment and to sustain the impact of effective and effienecy advocacy and through networking with corporating partners